My favourite drone photo of the summer

Princess Louisa Inlet with Charlie and Leah

COVID-19 restrictions kept us from heading back to New Zealand to ALULA, so we planned a three-week trip...
A team photo from the next morning. We did it!!

Fiji to New Zealand – Part 3 LANDFALL!

It was 8am, the sun was shining, the wind was perfect and we had spotted land after 11...

Fiji to New Zealand – Part 2 THE PASSAGE!

We slipped through Malolo Passage just as the sun was setting. It was exhilarating leaving Fiji and embarking...

Summer 2018 – Part 2 – We Get Engaged!

Sailing is a sport/hobby/lifestyle Saxony and I discovered together. It’s a beautiful thing to discover a passion as...

Summer 2018 – Part 1

Little did we know then, but summer 2018 would be our last full season with our beloved Leela....

Summer 2017 – Various Adventures

Late August and September 2017 saw some lazy sunny days and we took advantage of the opportunity to...

July 2017 – Sailing with Sally and Ees

What better way to celebrate Leela’s return to Vancouver than heading out for a weekend of carefree sailing...

July 2017 – Sailing back to Vancouver

After an epic winter and spring of boat projects, it was time to put Leela back in the...

Fall 2016 – The end of the season

As is often the case in September in the Pacific Northwest, the weather got really good and we...

Algae bloom with Michelle + Andrew – August 2016

Michelle and Andrew are great friends of ours. I’ve been friends with Michelle for over a decade, we...
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