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I’ve been listening to the fairly new Sail Loot podcast created by Teddy J down in Atlanta for about 2 months now. Teddy is a mechanical engineer like me and he and his wife share dreams of cruising on a sailboat. To satisfy his itch and learn as much as possible, he created a podcast where he interviews people who are out there doing it and living the lifestyle. I think what I really like about his podcast is his fascination with the numbers ($$) of how people can afford to make the sailing lifestyle from a dream to reality. Some of Teddy’s previous guests have also been outside of the sailing world but are still linked by the desire to live a nomadic life outside of the norm. Teddy spends 45 minutes to an hour with each guest figuring out and learning how they manage to fund the dream, be it eating into savings, passive income, active income, etc. I personally find this subject fascinating.

I contacted Teddy to congratulate him on his accomplishment and he replied he wanted to interview Saxony and I. His idea is to interview us now on the verge of our trip and upon our return at the end of September. A before and after, a discussion of expectations vs. reality, that kind of thing. Should be an interesting process for us as well.

As is usual with our hectic lifestyle right now, we had to cram this interview during our short weekly stay in Vancouver in between work, shop, laundry, etc. I picked Saxony up from work during her lunch hour and we tucked in a secluded alley in East Van to perform the interview inside the jeep. We had a great time discussing our path with Teddy. I had told him before the interview I really enjoyed the numbers and cents part of his podcast so I think he took that as a green light to really go deep in financial questions with us. I’ll be honest it’s one thing to listen to others speak of personal financial info and it’s quite the other to actually have to give them out ourselves! But in the hope of inspiring others that you really don’t need all that much to make this dream a reality, we both went with it and it was great fun. Thanks again Teddy and good luck following your dream.

I pretty much promise you that after listening to this you will realize that 1)  you don’t need that much money to make this happen and 2) we are a bit foolish and crazy.

Here is a link to the interview on his website:

Sail Loot Podcast 023: Leela’s Sailing Money with Emmanuel & Saxony


Saxony all pensive and all
Saxony all pensive and all
Oooohh... ya I guess our bank account really is that small..
Oooohh… ya I guess our bank account really is that small..

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  1. John Nichols

    What a great Podcast.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    So excited for you guys.
    The Black Knight and the new Leela awaits a rendezvous,

  2. Steve & Darla

    Listened to the podcast on the way to work this morning. Teddy provides a huge service w/his podcast! You guys are an awesome inspiration. Keep posting your experiences.

  3. ILove you dude. Can’t wait to meet you saxony! Best of luck on this trip which makes me think a lot about what the chillmobil has made us become: strong into realising our dreams and letting nothing or no one get across our defined (or undefined…) path. My heart is with you guys and keep posting as you go along. I will read you for sure!

  4. Loved it!! You guys are so great to listen to, and I loved the tag-team interview 🙂 Hope we get a chance to share an anchorage at some point!!

    1. Emmanuel

      Thanks Leah! Would be a blast to share anchorage, no doubt! It was nerve racking to listen to ourselves but was actually quite fun!

  5. curtis

    “After the first weekend, the Black Knight had paid for itself in Social Capital :)!!!” Love it!
    “after 11 years of sizing ducts for a living” – eating this stuff up :).
    if I listen to the rest of this I just may leave my job today, you should put a warning label on these… :).
    “what if we say no – well then I still need to go ” 🙂
    What a day, John’s birthday, crabbing, magical 🙂 and so it all begin’s… But what about Saxony’s first question to all of us ? :)!
    “I wanted to sell my stake, but my partners would not allow it – best decision ever!! ”
    don’t know what you don’t know until you try :).
    “Do it now”
    “we know when and why to use which ones” – Epoxy
    Saxony once told me, “what the heck is an excel spreadsheet”, it’s like the brain of an engineer :).
    Sorry my reply is sort of the things I wanted to take away and that made me smile, small lie, it all made me smile!!
    love you guys, miss you and thanks for the welcome distraction today and I am dying for some new material please!!

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