We LOVE boats. We love the boating lifestyle. If you’re anything like us, you love walking the docks at any marina checking out all the boats, well, mainly the sailboats. But .. shhh .. don’t tell this to anyone, but increasingly we are also looking at nice motorboats. Planning for the later years perhaps. We’ve been lucky to own a progression of sailboats since we’ve met. Below is a bit more about the boats we have owned and how they have shaped our journey. 

Leela – 1977 Union 36

We purchased Leela in 2014 and owned her for 5 years. She was as beautiful and romantic as you can get. 

About Leela

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Black Knight – 1974 Catalina 27

Emmanuel purchased Black Knight in 2013 soon after moving to Vancouver, BC. They say the Catalina 27 is a perfect first boat and we couldn’t agree more. Memories of a lifetime were formed on this boat. 

About Black Knight

Maddy – Grampian 28

After selling Leela to purchase ALULA, we realized we couldn’t live in Vancouver without a sailboat! Now partnered on the boat with Saxony’s father and brother, she is the perfect boat for evening G&T cruises and weekend jaunts to Gambier Island!

About Maddy