May 2015


Did you know you can actually feel really drunk from a complete and sustained lack of sleep? No...

Sail Loot Interview

I’ve been listening to the fairly new Sail Loot podcast created by Teddy J down in Atlanta for...

Arts and Crafts and Leaks!

There are many tasks on the boat that can be re-framed into arts and crafts. I love art...

Fixing Leaky Teaky Deck And Cockpit – Part 2

In the middle of working on the cockpit teak fix project, we were having lunch and brainstorming how...

Fixing Leaky Teaky Deck And Cockpit – Part 1

When we were shopping for Leela we made a list of “Must Have’s” and “Must Not Have’s”. One...

Video Tour of Marine Shop

We’ve had some requests for more pictures of the lovely shop where Leela is located. Here is a...

Our Cozy Home Away From Home

Currently, we are spending 5 days a week working on Leela in Bellingham, WA and we resurface in...

Fixing Leaky Thru-Deck Fills

We are three short weeks away from our (hopeful) June 1st departure and we both are wondering how...

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