Summer 2018 – Part 1

Little did we know then, but summer 2018 would be our last full season with our beloved Leela. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We will cover all of those exciting stories in detailed future posts. In the meantime, we have a summer of West Coast fun times to cover below and, …wait for it… we got engaged in August of 2018!!

But first: after hurriedly completing our Spring projects, Saxony surprised me with an incredible 40th birthday party. I was biking home from work on Friday afternoon and was led to believe these colourfully dressed up characters were street artists. They engaged with me and for a while, I really thought they were simply a street show. Little did I know they were my best friends from Montreal who had flown over for this special weekend.

Little did I know at first these mutants were my friends from Montreal!
These mutants were my friends from Montreal!
JP, Paul, Jérôme, Gab

The weekend surprise continued as 28 of us headed to Wendy Thompson Hut for a weekend of ski touring. Considering the hut sleeps 16 people, it was a PARTY! I tell you, life keeps on getting better surrounded by such incredible friends and loved ones.

This was also to be our last summer where we lived aboard at Spruce Harbour Marina. But our name is on the waiting list to purchase a slip, so who knows! The rest of the summer was incredibly busy as my business partner and I were negotiating the sale of our business, Amongst that craziness, we managed to sneak away for a few weekends at Gambier Island and enjoy some evening G&T cruises with friends.

Early Season Sailing up Howe Sound
Crabbing is always better in the early season
Thank you Jérôme for leaving such lovely Gin behind!
Now that’s some style!
A weekend away with Leah at Gambier Island
Evening sail with friends!
Vancouver fireworks are best viewed aboard Leela

And as per the annual tradition, we hosted our friends at Fenntessa for an evening bikini photoshoot. The founding sisters Robyn and Cami, two of Saxony’s great friends, love all things boating. This tradition began with our previous boat Black Knight, and is, I must admit, one of my favorite evenings of the summer. ????

We hosted Saxony’s mom Zoe and her boyfriend Trevor for what is probably the best evening sail we have ever had in English Bay. One of those perfect sunny evenings with a fresh West wind which meant we were able to sail back and forth in a straight line up and down the length of English Bay. A rare occurrence indeed. We caught crab and had a delicious dinner back at Spruce Harbour Marina.

Now that is one happy Zoe!
Dinner of crabs on Leela
Anchored in front of Vancouver Folk Fest, nice underwear Dylan!
Photoshoot is over, time to pull the anchor
aaaweee.. Mama seal and her baby lived on a dock at Spruce Harbour Marina for a few weeks
The Chairman of our business, Fabio, enjoying a wonderful sail aboard Leela
My mom
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