My favourite drone photo of the summer

Princess Louisa Inlet with Charlie and Leah

COVID-19 restrictions kept us from heading back to New Zealand to ALULA, so we planned a three-week trip...
A team photo from the next morning. We did it!!

Fiji to New Zealand – Part 3 LANDFALL!

It was 8am, the sun was shining, the wind was perfect and we had spotted land after 11...

Fiji to New Zealand – Part 2 THE PASSAGE!

We slipped through Malolo Passage just as the sun was setting. It was exhilarating leaving Fiji and embarking...

Buying ALULA!! (Formerly The Rose)

And so begins the adventures of our new boat ALULA, formerly called “The Rose”. We had the chance...

Summer 2018 – Family Sail!

We met back up with Leah, Charlie and Willy in Bowser on Vancouver Island after their trip through...

Summer 2018 – Part 2 – We Get Engaged!

Sailing is a sport/hobby/lifestyle Saxony and I discovered together. It’s a beautiful thing to discover a passion as...

Summer 2017 – Various Adventures

Late August and September 2017 saw some lazy sunny days and we took advantage of the opportunity to...

August 2017 – Tumbo Island Paradise Found

Are you ready for the story of one of the absolute most beautiful places we have encountered in...

July 2017 – Sailing with Sally and Ees

What better way to celebrate Leela’s return to Vancouver than heading out for a weekend of carefree sailing...

July 2017 – Sailing back to Vancouver

After an epic winter and spring of boat projects, it was time to put Leela back in the...
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