Leela was our previous sailboat which we owned from 2014 to 2019. She is a 1976 Union 36. The Union 36 has a complex history and shares very close ties with the Hans Christian 36 lineage. The story on this has been covered extensively here. She was hull #4 and was a graceful lady that took really good care of us and, through the extensive refit we completed, allowed us to perform a Masters Degree in boat repairs!

We purchased Leela in September 2014 from the nicest people in the world. Actually. Peter and Wendy Green from Victoria BC, had previously owned her for 8 years during which they refitted her for a world tour. Unfortunately, health issues forced the sell before the dream could be completed. You can read about Peter, our subsequent friendship and his previous retrofit in this post.

Leela is a classic cutter rig with roller furling Yankee and hanked on Staysail. She is a classic beauty full keel double-ender canoe stern, teak decks, teak throughout the interior cabin and plenty of varnish to keep us busy. Was she the most logical and practical boat to purchase? 5 years later and we can empathetically say NO, but, we are romantics at heart and we’re both glad we had such a classic boat in our lives. 

We sold Leela in the summer of 2019 to fund the purchase of ALULA. You can read about selling Leela here