Black Knight

This all started when Emmanuel moved to Vancouver and met Curtis, a fellow engineer and sailor wanna-be. Within minutes of meeting for the first time at the CO-OP where they both lived, they had hatched a plan to buy a sailboat together. Fast forward a few months and many hours of Curtis pouring over the local classifieds and they had found their jewel. The Black Knight. A Catalina 27 in decent shape, at a fantastic price. Curtis brought his friend John in the deal and there we had it, the 3 Black Knights!! Thus began a 3 year affair with that boat. What initially began as a booze cruise party boat for the three single Black Knights, morphed into a weekend and weeklong adventuring platform as they stretched their wings (sails?) all the way to Desolation Sound.

The Black Knight was more than a boat. It was a brotherhood, a special time in our lives, a unique instant in the Universe blending the perfect amount of youth, carefreeness, and wide-eyed discovery of this new sailing lifestyle. We wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. Black Kniiiiiiggghhhttsssss!!!