The Batmobile Boat

Last fall we were sailing down to Bellingham and saw this thing zoom by.


What in the world? We were near the U.S. border so thought perhaps it was a new stealth Navy boat? Maybe the real Batmobile boat? We waved at them with Gin Tonics in hand and they were out of sight in no time.

A few weeks go by and Saxony somehow finds a link to the boat online. Check it out.

Just a Silicon Valley Gazillionaire’s fun boat. Cost $33 million, can cruise at 60 knots with over 17,000 Horse Power. This beast has a 5-hour range at cruise speed and then costs $24,000 CDN (that’s $650 US) to refill! A staggering 0.06 mpg.

And the worse part? They never waved back!

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