DJ Saxony in Da House

Saxony is way too humble to brag about this, so I have to do it for her, but she is quite the talented DJ. She will kill me for writing this but it’s all very true.

Friends and family who have the privilege of spending time with her quickly realize she is in charge of the music. At home, on a road trip, pretty much anywhere she quickly ends up taking control of the musical selection. She doesn’t force it, she is just better than everyone I know at picking the right music, the right emotion as she would say, for the situation. Her musical taste is eclectic but the “Residual Glitter” mix on The Music tab of our blog is a good example of the genre I associate best with her musical tastes.

Her talent has not gone unnoticed. Recently our great friend Nick from Downtown Bellingham Partnership threw a social event for creative professionals called Design Hack. He invited Saxony to be the DJ for the event and paid her for the gig! From what I understand she did a fantastic job and the cooks in the kitchen were tripping over themselves commenting about the major babe DJ’ing the event. This summer we will make sure to have the proper equipment for Saxony to hone her craft. I have dreams of cruising the South Pacific with Saxony DJ’ing remote beach parties along the way!!

Saxony’s first DJ gig in Bellingham


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  1. Saxony

    Hi Christine! Thanks for sending that link – there are some great mixes in there. Its like finding a treasure chest of new music to peruse!

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