Projects & Repairs

Fixing Leaky Thru-Deck Fills

We are three short weeks away from our (hopeful) June 1st departure and we both are wondering how...

New Diesel Tank!

The more I work on this boat the more I scratch my head in wonder: “why oh why...

Dry Storage .. Finally!

Leela leaks. A lot. Funny when we purchased her last fall she was bone dry. Makes sense as...

Workshop Projects

UPDATE March 2020: Do not try and fill in the groove between teak planks with black epoxy as...

Sail Removal – Easy Peasy!

We’re only 2 weeks away from the boat going in dry storage for the final 2 months of...

Battle of the Bilge

It was a battle for the ages. An instant classic. We suited up in our white bunny suits, armed ourselves...


That’s what you have to be to work in the engine compartment of Leela. And I assume most...

Peter, the Previous Owner

Call me a romantic, but I’ve always liked to get to know the previous owner of the big...
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